We've selected our favourite small still water flies for Spring and Summer and put them together in our very own Small Still Water Selection. These flies are individually picked by our team to give a balanced and targetted selection to give you more chance to catch, whatever the conditions during these two seasons.

The flies are supplied in a two sided, clear plastic fly box to give a robust, waterproof home for your collection.

The selection comprises:

2 x Black Pennell
2 x Weighted Hares Ear Nymph
2 x Pheasant Tail Nymph
2 x Hothead Damsel Green
2 x Beadeye Cats Whiskers
2 x Goldhead Orange Woolly Bugger
2 x Simple Black Buzzer
2 x Simple Green Buzzer
2 x Simple Red Buzzer
2 x Natural Diawl Bach Nymph
2 x Red Diawl Bach Nymph
2 x Apps Bloodworm
2 x Yellow dancer

2 x Black Klinkhammer
2 x Black Gnat Parachute
2 x Daddy Longlegs
2 x Balloon Water Caddis
2 x Kate McLaren
2 x G&H Sedge
2 x CDC Owl
2 x Shuttlecock
2 x Grey Wulff
2 x Mayfly Parachute Patterned

Still Water Selection - Spring / Summer

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